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a patrol car and rolled hundreds of feet before coming to a rest. it happened a little before 7:00 this morning shortly after a highway patrol officer pulled on to the shoulder to help a truck with a flat tire. >> as he pulled forward in front of the disabled vehicle, for an unknown reason, the gold suv swerved to the right, struck our patrol car. >> reporter: the chp says two sisters riding in the back seat of the suv were ejected. the oldest, 24, died at the scene, the other, 20 years old, was taken to stanford hospital in critical condition. the other two sisters along with the mother and father were also taken to local hospitals. the chp officer was treated for minor injuries. >> we don't know if this driver was tired or not. >> reporter: they don't believe alcohol or drugs were a factor. they found several shopping bags in the field of debris, but it's not clear in the family was coming directly from
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early morning shopping. traffic on 101 backed up for miles. one of the men with this truck was visibly shaken, watching from a walkway directly above the scene. >> it's very sad, right after thanksgiving. >> reporter: and friends of the family tell us there are many still at stanford hospital. we have another crew there monitoring the situation. chp said the four family members not ejected were all wearing their seat belt. investigators say they are looking at another critical piece of information in this investigation. we're forking on that for 6:00. -- we're working on that for 6:00. a big rig jackknifed today. four other vehicles were involved. no injuries were reported. now, this accident happened aft about 10:15 this morning. as you can't see from these pictures three lanes were blocked for more than an hour until this scene was cleared. >> retailers fighting for consumer spending led to a shopping rush across the bay
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area today, with consumers on the hunt for those black friday deals. we caught up with some people today who had been out for hours today. >> reporter: they have. a lot of people out well before sunrise, as you know, and if you take a look behind me right now here in union square, thousands still out here right now. many of these folks waiting for the annual macy's tree lighting later this evening. retailers i spoke with earlier said the shopping traffic so far seems busier than last year, and shoppers seem to be in good spirits. thousands descended upon san francisco's union square taking part in black friday. >> we just went to macies. and decided to go take a picture in front of the tree and holiday spirit. >> reporter: overrule at at&t park, the lines ever for -- over at at&t park, the lines were for orange and black friday. single game tickets went on sale at 10:00 a.m. the cheap seats and special events went fast. >> world series.
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>> charm necklaces. world series cap. vogelsong bobblehead. >> one of my favorite players. >> but that was expensive. i don't know why. >> it's so thrilling. it's great. >> reporter: these international students needed a break after starting at 4:00 a.m. this was their first for ray into the black friday tradition. >> we just heard there is a black friday that is for shopping. >> we didn't start that early. we started at about 8:00 actually. but there were some pretty decent deals, stuff i couldn't pass up. >> reporter: for others, it was about the atmosphere. >> we do this after every thanksgiving, go to pier city 9. it's a family tradition. >> reporter: and back here, a lot of anticipation for the 23rd annual macy's tree lighting here in union square.
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23,000 l.e.d. lights on this tree, 1100 ornaments. lights go on about 6:40 tonight. other downtown areas suburban malls and shopping centers have been flooded with bargain hunters today. that includes this shop. while a lot of stores opened at midnight or even earlier, the broadway plaza stores didn't open until 8:00 this morning. a wait that lasted for days has finally come to an end for folks camped out at best buy store. this was the scene as the store opened. shoppers were rushing in hoping to get a 40-inch tv on sale for $180. there were also deals on dvds.
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and thousands of people started racing through the paragon stores after the outlets opened at 10:00 last night, and they will stay open until 11:00 tonight. >> small retailers may not be able to compete with the big guys on this black friday, but they are hoping to cash in, too. we look at the deals being offered now get you to shop small. david? >> reporter: that's right. small businesses made a black friday push today, too, and they are looking forward to tomorrow for even better sales. black friday friday fever isn't just for the big box stores and chains. in san francisco today, hundreds lined up along ash bury street for the grand opening of derby of san francisco. the store sells a brand that hasn't been available since the 1990s. >> , day it disappeared about
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'91. >> i've been waiting in line since 9:30 yesterday. >> reporter: this comes ahead of small business saturday. >> small business saturday was started in 2010, and in 2010, american express accepting merchants saw a 27% increase in sales that day. last year was a little under 25% increase in sales. >> reporter: it's often a make- or-break weekend for small merchants, a time when they discover what is ahead for the new year. their advantage over big retailers is their merchandise. >> i think a lot of people are actually looking for something more unique and special, and this is the place to get it. >> we do like to go to as many stores as we can, so keeping it local, i think, is important. >> reporter: this for focuses on fitting in with the local haute street scene. >> everybody wants that
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noncommercial family about business, which is what we are. >> reporter: the same is to stop last year's figures tomorrow. -- the aim. police are investigating a shooting outside a nightclub early this morning that left two men wounded. investigators say a fight started inside club 101 on west francisco boulevard and then spilled out into the parking lot. several people opened fire, and police have been interviewing witnesses. >> it's very difficult. we're going to hope that somebody is going to come across and give us a statement. we'll piece it together, hopefully, that it will tell a story. it's going to take some time, obviously, to put it together, because there are so many pieces of evidence. >> one victim suffered minor injuries. the other had to undergo surgery. both are expected to survive. rescue crews pulled five people from a yacht, taking on water in the bay. also on board was a dog, a cat, and a snake.
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around 12:30, the u.s. coast guard took the call for help. the yacht was about 300 feet north of the berkeley pier. the largest vessel in this video was the one in trouble. three people stayed on board, as it was towed. a broken seal may to be blame for the flooding. everyone was wearing a life jacket and no one was injured. today cabrera kicked off the -- ktvu kicked off the one warm coat drive. we have a live report from santana row where donations i'm told have been steady today. hi, rita. >> reporter: that's right, heather. i have been doing this for about a decade, as long as the station has been doing it, and this is the best year ever. girls, how many coats have we got down here? >> 1,369! >> that's 1,369 coats, and that's double the number we got all of last year. now, the girls here, what do you get for doing this?
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>> we get a little patch. >> reporter: the girl scouts get a patch here. if you'll move your hand over. but they get a great reward. why are you doing this? >> because there are a lot of people that are very cold out there, and we really want to provided coats for them, so they can be warm and we'll care for them. >> reporter: and isn't that why we're all out here today? as i see, the whole pile here, but we still need more coats. we're almost up to our prerecession level, which is justing terrific. we have this friendly rivalry going between my colleagues and fred is in emeryville. how many coats do you have? >> reporter: hi, rita. we have 925 and counts. we are at bay street emeryville. i am so thankful for the girl scouts who are helping us out here. i'm so grateful for team in who donated.
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here is a very special story. a young man named mike, just turned 33, and he's got a new concept, a new idea, perhaps. >> yes. today is my 33rd birthday, and i want to start a few tradition that instead of me expecting someone to give me a gift, i'm going to give something to somebody else, because it's more blessed to give than to receive, and i can't think of a better way to be blessed on my birthday. >> he has donated $40, plus, check it out, a san francisco giants coat is going into the bin. help them out there, ladies! what's our slogan? what's our slogan? we want a thousand coats! we're 75 short. we're here until 6:30. you're going to be shopping anyway. come on down, bring one coat. it all starts with just one coat. warming communities one do it at a time. >> we're going to go straight to the board. this is where we've been duranting down.
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we have 1,388 coats! these are girl scouts from wall nut creek and pleasant hill. they have been greeting people who have brought these coats. it is amaze, the generosity we've seen here at wall nut creek. i'm 5'4", in heels 5'7", and these pile over me. these girls have been helping out all day. it's very easy to give. go into your closet. find a coat that you haven't worn, bring it out and bring it to one of these location observations, and we've had so much fun over the past few hours that we've extended our time. we will see you here until 7:00, so if you have a coat, bring it down to only this location at wall nut creek. i'm jade hernandez. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> what a great response. well, black friday is not
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going quite as usual at a wal- mart in san leandro. as you can see, there are hundreds of people outside the store. it's all part of a nationwide protest against wal-mart. we have a live report on what is happening now. >> reporter: about a half hour ago, we saw the protesters, but you can see they've con degree gated in the front of the wal- mart. they confronted some of the managers at the front door and were turned away. but there are unions, community groups, and student groups out here supporting the wal-mart workers. this is by far the largest protest we have seen today in the area. we did talk to some of the protesters, who say they are supporting about better working conditions for wal-mart workers who are not unionized. we talked with one wal-mart worker about why he is here. >> i want wal-mart to stop letting the associates speak
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out, and treat us with dignity and respect. they refuse to meet with us. they don't recognize us. >> we did take video of that confrontation. assistant managers and security guards blocked the door. they said they threatened to call the police and have the protesters removed, but officers here say they have no intention right now of removing these protesters. we did ask wal-mart stores for comment, but they said they could not comment on this. back here, you can see that the group is kind of congregated around the entrance. they have blocked off some lane of traffic, but they are letting customers go through, and they're giving out flyers toive who walks in or out of the store. i did talk to a few shoppers who said that they understand why they're protesting, but that wouldn't make them stop shopping at this store. we don't know how long this protest is going to go on, but at least for right now, there's quite a big crowd out here trying to reach out to those
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black friday shoppers. want your packages, like, right now? the post office has a wild idea. i'll tell you where and when it will start. >> our streak of nice weather continues. coming up, where we could have some patchy dense fog first thing in the morning, and the temperature change for the upcoming weekend. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button.
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brew what you love, simply. keurig. some people put everything intotheir name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us.
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on november 24th, let's get out and shop small. the city of oakland has reached a grim milestone.
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early this morning, it recorded it's 111th homicide of the year. that is one more than all of last year. this latest homicide was a shooting that happened just before 2:00 a.m. on willow street in west oakland. police say that so far there are no other details that they can release, and no suspects are in custody. and richmond police are investigating a homicide on 5th street and barrett avenue in the cities iron triangle neighborhood that happened just before 10:00 last night, just a few yards from where another man it was shot and killed back on tuesday. investigators say they are not sure if these two shootings are connected, but haven't ruled out the possibility yet. they say they are also beefing up patrols in this area. a memorial service tomorrow for a 22-year-old man from campbell who was shot and killed during an apparent carjacking attempt in san jose. police say rory park pet iford was shot between two men in the
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middle of a violent crime spree. they killed him outside of a 7- eleven. investigators say the two suspects later opened fire on a police officer. that officer will be okay. one of the suspects was arrested that's night, bit authorities are still looking for the second man. members of the animal rights group peta demonstrated outside of a bibe store -- bebe store in san francisco today. they held signs discouraging shoppers from going into the store on grant avenue. the group says the rob it fur used for the trim on some clothes comes from animals in china that are abused and killed inhumanely. >> we have shared footage with bebe executives of any malls being strangled, electrocuted, and sometimes even skinned alive for their fur, but the business still continues to support this crew elindustry, and that's why we're -- cruel
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industry of fur, and that's why we're here today. >> when we contacted bebe about the protests, their response was "no comment." a new experiment is beginning here in the bay area. it's all about instant gratification. john? >> absolutely right. it's a new business model for the post office, and it may actually help some of the local businesses compete with some on- line retailers. letter carriers are delivering more and more packages, about 10% more every year, and the post office needs new revenue. post office officials told me today starting in three unannounced san francisco neighborhoods, residents may get packages delivered in as little as two hours. >> we're into instant gratification in our society. >> reporter: ama zone says it's does some day delivery on
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some sometimes. wal-mart reportedly just started doing it with their own employees delivering. the post 0 office said today they already have the resources and power to serve every address. this pilot program just in time for christmas is limited to just 10 still unnamed retailers. just order by phone or internet before 2:00 p.m., and you guest it between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. costs? about $10. >> i think sometimes you know how we're rushed to get stuff, so that sounds really good. >> the post office is spending millions next year in san francisco on this program, and then may expand it nationwide. you can expect it to begin here if three weeks. let's talk about our weather now. a picture-perfect day here the bay area. compared to earlier this week, this weather was fantastic. >> yeah, we have really lucked out. felt great to be outside and walk around in a t-shirt.
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we do still have mostly clear skies out there. some beautiful colors. as you can see, the sun setting, looking out towards san francisco. san francisco maxed out at 66 this afternoon, about 5 degrees above the average, is so mostly clear skies today. that will lead to clear skies this evening. the main storm track to the north of the bay area. we'll take a look at current numbers. a few of the sensors missing. you can see oakland at 65, san francisco 62. napa already back down into the upper 50s, right abound 57 degrees. with the recent rainfall overnight, we've been talking about this the past few mornings. in the north bayial valleys, especially up toward santa rosa and napa, and the temperature matches the dewpoint, you get fog formations. dense fog expected first thing tomorrow morning. it's not wide spread, but where it is, especially for the inned land valleys of the north -- inland valleys of the north
5:22 pm
pay, that lab concern tomorrow morning. 38 degrees in can is a reis a to start out -- santa rosa to start your day. upper 30s out towards fairfield and antioch. so once again, off to another cold start for your saturday. here is our forecast model showing you this. the 30's and 40's at 7:00 tomorrow morning. that purple shade, links up with the upper 30s, and then in the afternoon, a nice recovery. lots of 60s once again, so wide spread 60s. this yellow con fewer does link up with the 70s, and a few neighbors will be approaching the 70s. coming up, i'll break down rain chances, because we have a chance of some pretty good rain showing up in the five-day forecast. let you know when that happens next week. the annual christmas in the park festival kicked off today in san jose. more than 60 businesses filled
5:23 pm
the plaza. this festival is free and open to the public. >> i just like seeing what they have to display every year, and it's always something different ask exciting to look forward to. >> christmas in the park runs from 9:00 a.m. to midnight every day from now through new year's day. >> violent protests break out in egypt. the move that president's country made at the has some people very angry. >> also, we'll tell you why a common cholesterol medication is now being pulled from pharmacy shelfs. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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protests accosters today after that country's president gave him sweeping new powers. in some places, the demonstrations grew violent as protesters battled police. people have been outraged by what they see as mohamad mursi's power grab. the pro-democracy demonstrators also clashed with us lambists who backed mursi. >> this is a very general, very vague agreement. it is a cease-fire. the two sides are going to stop
5:27 pm
shooting at each other, but the overall strategic situation has not changed. >> egypt plans to hold separate talks with us raylee and hamas leaders. a generic version of the cholesterol medicine lipitor is being recalled. several doses of its generic version of the medicine have been recalled because some batches may contain small class particles. lipitor was the world's large effort selling drugs until it lost patent rights last year. instar gram said it had a record day yesterday. more than 10 million photos were posted of family gatherings and thanksgiving meals. for several hours, pictures were coming in at the rate of 200 a second. instar gram said it is the busiest day it has had so far. before thought, it was hurricane sandy. looks like the volume of
5:28 pm
black friday purchases impressed investors. the dow jones, s&p and nasdaq were all up. a tough day for more than a dozen residents and two injured firefighters. we'll tell you what's being done for all of them today. >> after tonight, you might be sick of the turkey dinner, but i'll tell you why st. mary's is giving thanks over, and over, and over again.
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a devastating fire in san jose has left 18 people looking
5:31 pm
for a place to stay, and more than one firefighter was injured. we have new information about the firefighters who got hurt. >> reporter: firefighters and residents all trying to recover tonight. some displaced residents told me they are staying with family and friends. others plan to ask the red cross here in san jose for help. >> reporter: today cleanion is underway. damage is being assessed, and injuries being treated after a fire roared through a san jose town house on thanksgiving night. firefighters rushed to the complex on willow leaf drive around 8:30, after reports of a fast. spreading roof fire. >> it sounded like a gunshot, and so i just panicked. i grabbed my dog and came outside, and literally like the whole, like, everything was just covered in smoke, and, like, the house it was just up in flames, and everyone was out. >> reporter: the fire escalated to three alarms
5:32 pm
quickly. 8 fire iter are were in the staircase area when it chanced. one of the fire fight irs had to be dug out. and captain james cowan was also hurt. in all, 18 residents were displaced. i talked with the resident of the unit where the fire originated, who asked us not to show his face he said flames erupted out of control from his fireplace. officials say the fire did start there, but aren't sure what caused it to spread. the fire has already been called accidental, not suspicious. >> he's looking for anything malicious, listening to reports from the 911 callers, and using that information along with this fiscal findings -- physical findings. >> reporter: property owners are still assessing the rest of the damage. we're told that captain angler is recovering, but will remain in the hospital for more tests.
5:33 pm
black friday shoppers who wanted to mix a mall atmosphere with downtown flavor headed to the westfield center on san francisco's market street. hundreds of people squeeze into the abercrombie and fitch store when it's doors opened this morning. people started lining up at midnight with some telling us they drove more than an hour to be there. many south bay bargain hunters headed to santana row. a couple of stores offered 70% discounts on some up the there is, and santana row was offering an enticement. if you spin at least $500 today, you can get free tickets to the nutcracker performance by the ballet.
5:34 pm
st. an theory's in san francisco is giving thanks today after receiving a post thanksgiving food donation. this food will go a long, long way. >> reporter: heather, they made it easy for people today by blocking up designated parking for donations, especially while thanksgiving is over, the need here never ends. they are the turkeys that didn't make it to the thanksgiving table, but that doesn't mean they won't be dinner. trader joe's froze more than 200 of their unsold fresh turkeys, and donating them today to st. anthony's. >> hopefully we've been able to make an impact, and that's what we want to do. we're a community store, and we're a neighborhood store, and we really want to be part of this, and this was a great opportunity for us to do that. >> reporter: the line outside st. anthony's is as long as ever, and the need is greater than ever. not just on thanksgiving day. >> we can use this throughout
5:35 pm
november, december, january. people love the meat. it's the most expensive thing on our tray. >> reporter: the trays include everything from dinner to dessert. i asked the chef how he cooks the dessert 364 days that aren't called thanksgiving. st. anthony's doesn't just feed the homeless. they have a growing number of seniors on fixed incomes and working poor. last year a survey showed one third are living on list than $100 a day. >> average hard month, it helps out, not having to cook, or if i don't have enough food, it help mess get through the month. >> reporter: and the unexpected but welcome turkey donation will help st. anthony's put food on the table the 364 days of the year that aren't called thanksgiving. and with the thanksgiving drive finished now, the christmas
5:36 pm
donation drive begins. a we will-known singer -- well-known singer spent part of today helping a local charity. , artist trace strongs today stop requested by cross roads to help serve meals. you can imagine a lot of folks wanted to pose for photographs. a spokesperson said the singer likes to make a difference wherever he goes. >> every spot that he's at, he likes to take some time out of his schedule to give back to the community in ways where he physically gives back. not just words, not just talk, not just money. >> crossroads is operated to help the homeless and patients with hiv or aids. >> it may be the epicenter of shopping. we're going to show you what it looked like at macy's in new york city at the stroke of midnight, and how many people jammed into that store. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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the black friday shopping craze is certainly a coast to coast phenom man. thousands packed the square in new york city for the opening of the macy's store. take a look. more than 800 macy's stores across the country will stay open for 23 straight hours for those black friday sales.
5:40 pm
for most of us, when we get cold, we put on a coat, but not every has a coat, and that's why ktvu is sponsoring a coat drive. rita kicks off our coverage. those coats still coming in? >> reporter: they are. a little slower now, but we've had a gorgeous day out here. girls, how many coats? >> 1,374! >> reporter: 1,374 coats. that's more than double what we had out here this time last year. with me right now is sandy from city team international in san jose. we kind of have this friendly rivalry between reporter and locations, but the real winners here are the people on this street. you distribute these coats. >> yes, i do. the need out there is just great for coats right now. and i'm excited that we have so many coats at this time that we
5:41 pm
can distribute out in the month of december and january. >> reporter: sandy was just telling me that sometimes they have to turn people away, or organizations. this year she is so excited that there are so many coats that she doesn't have to say no this year. fred is in emeryville. fred, how is it going out there? >> well, it's going extremely well, thank you, rita. you know, last year, we had about 400 coats here at bay street emeryville. we are now at 934. if you look, we're actually getting a couple of more in just as we speak on this side here. in fact, quite a number. we are trying to hit 9,000. we're -- hit 1,000. we're at 934 and counts. simply come down, bring an extra coat that you know is in the closet somewhere. bring it down here to help needy people. you know, one out of five children, one out of every five children in the united states are members of families that are below the poverty level in
5:42 pm
income. there is a need for the young and the old alike, any coat will do. i'm so proud of all of these girl scouts from the oakland and concord area who have helped step up and participate, and i just am now almost humbled by the way the people have volunteered and come in here and helped this program. if you're coming down to shop here at emmyville, look for the big shopping cart, christmas tree. we're here until 6:30. what our slogan? help us reach a thousand coats! jade hernandez is in walnut creek. >> reporter: well, fred, it's hard not to be in the holiday spirit. we're live at wall put creek where the christmas tree, if you don't know where that tree is, you can't miss the pile of coats. these are the donations, folks, that people have been bringing in all day. new, used, gently used. these coats are amazing. i'm going to take you straight to the board. we have been counting how main coats we've received from the
5:43 pm
donations, and look at the number. let me get out of the way, 1,399 coats. that's how many, girls? >> yea! >> reporter: there we go. these girls have been helping out all day. i'm 5'4", with heels 5'7". you can see how high these coats are stacked, and everyone has just been in the spirit today. very generous, and it's very easy to do. walk into your closet, pick out that coat that you didn't wear last winter, and give it to someone who will use it this winter. and as you can tell, we've been having so much fun out here, we're going to be out here until 7:00. that's a half hour more than many of the locations are. so if you have a coat, if you have just a small jacket to bring down, feel free to. i have heard that the all-time high at this location is 1500. we're near that number. so bring on your coat down here. aim jade hernandez. -- i'm jade hernandez. back to you.
5:44 pm
>> on the hunt for christmas trees. do you prefer them fat, or skinny? i've heard of skinny lattes, but skinny trees? the new trend this holiday season. >> fantastic weather today across the entire bay area. coming up, the warmest day of the weekend, and when rain chances have been added to the bay area forecast. rever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back.
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still no in the end sight for the nhl lockout, and now even more games have been canceled, and the all-star game. all games have now been canceled through december 14th.
5:47 pm
that's about 34% of the season that's been lost so far. the players union says the two sides are only about $182 million apart on the core issues, but the league disputes that is says the two sides are actually much further apart. the bottom line, no new negotiations scheduled right now, and the nhl season is slowly sleeping away. >> concord police have arrested a 24-year-old map in connection with a bank robbery from last week. this is a picture of the suspected bank robber. police identified hip as clayton hill and pulled him over on highway 4 tuesday afternoon. police say hill didn't use a weapon during the november 13th robbery at the u.s. bank inside the safeway on willow pass road. instead he simply handed the tellary note and left with an undisclosed amount of money. it will still be a few more days before repair crews can go inside a power plant after a fire there yesterday. a robot was sent to examine all
5:48 pm
five floor ross of the plant. the damage was not as bad as first believed, but they are waiting until there is no longer a threat from toxic smoke for smoldering materials. the plant juiced to pump water for farmers. a lot of people headed out today to buy a first christmas tree. the first family had theirs delivered. the official white house christmas tree came from north carolina, and it's a 19-foot tall fraser fir. it will be adorned with more than 300 ornaments. >> the day after thanksgiving is generally the first day when christmas trees go on sale, and we look at how this year it seems thin is in. >> reporter: the christmas trees are back. >> noble fir. >> how much does this weigh? >> feels like 200 pounds.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: at toby's trees if walnut creek, customers are pouring in. >> we like a fat tree. >> do you like skinny or fat trees? >> fat tree. >> reporter: yes, now, skinny christmas trees. on-line, there's a six and a half prelit pine slim, and the list glows on. retailers saline trees, some is as narrow as 18 inches are popular this season. last year u.s. consumers spent $1.7 billion on trees. toby childs said that's exactly what his customers want. although we did find one looking to slim down. and so you would like the skinnier tree? >> absolutely. >> reporter: she likes the smell of a real tree, but one with a bigger waist she says a
5:50 pm
s a no-no. >> it's too hard to try to get your furniture around, and it takes over too much space. >> reporter: skin by or fat, short or tall, whatever you get, it will no doubt be unique as you give a once lonely tree a special home this holiday season. okay. so which do you prefer? you can log on to our facebook page and join the conversation. tell us if you like skinny or fat christmas trees. >> hard to think about shopping for your christmas tree when it's so warm out there. let's check in with mark. >> a few neighbors today in the lower 70s this afternoon. amazing. just great weather. temperatures this weekend will be back up into the lower 70 nhl a few spots. right now mostly clear skies. as far as temperatures from earlier today, look at all of the 60s out toward san francisco, but look at oakland and santa rosa, lower 70s.
5:51 pm
san jose, 69, and passivefy do, even beautiful at the coastline, 65 degrees. tomorrow fair skies on the cool side. this weekend, some morning patchy fog, but a dry weather forecast. things will be changing next week with more cloud cover, and we are bumping up the rain chances. you'll see those chances showing up in our forecast in a little bit. but for right now, the main thing we'll haver two about for this morning and into saturday morning, and patchy fog out there. this was the case this morning, and basically a repeat performance for tomorrow. some patchy be, dense fog. it's not wide spread. this weekend, still a dry weather pattern. the storm track up to our north. the temperatures in the 60s to once again approaching the 70- degree mark. saturday will be the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. we trim back a little on those temperatures by sunday. as far as the storm track, it's up to the north for now, but here is our long range forecast model. you'll notice as you take this into wednesday that the chance of rain returns into wednesday, and once again into thursday.
5:52 pm
so we do have increasing confidence. not sure just yet, but we could be track something more moderate to heavy rain still next week. for tomorrow morning, some patchy fog out there, but into the afternoon hours, and temperatures for tomorrow, still very nice. lots of 60s. a fewer neighbors flirting with the 70-degree mark. oakland will go 67. gill roy, right around 70. san francisco just beautiful, if the mid-60s. 65 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast, the umbrella gets a break over the next few days. still sunday and monday, we will thicken up the cloud cover by tuesday. we could be tracking significant rain in the long range for wednesday, thursday, and friday, still about 5 to 10 days out, but i get the key headline, enjoy the dry weather the next couple of days while we have it. people in southern california may soon have a new way to get to las vegas with some interesting perks. plus it's been going on for more than a decade. we're going to show you the san
5:53 pm
francisco landmark that is kicking off it's annual toy drive. [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
the city of los angeles may be moving toward a ban on elephants and traveling circuses. it was recommended the full council vote on such a ban, or ban the use of elephant holds
5:56 pm
called bull hooks. las vegas is a popular destination for folks in southern california, and by late next year, there may be new train service to take them there. a company called las vegas railway express has signed a contract with union pacific to use a section of track from san bernardino county to los angeles. the ticks would cost $99 each way. the train cars would all have bars and big screen tvs and would be for adults only. the company hopes to be able to go by few year's eve of next year. the toy drive kicked off this year. each year the san francisco restaurant collects toys to give to the firefighters toy program. the bar manager says it's really easy to donate. >> we've always been the best deal in the square, and there's plenty of parking in here, come
5:57 pm
by, get a drink and a switch, drop off a toy. >> lefties and s hoping that this -- lefty's is hoping this year's donations will top last years, which means they are hoping to collect more than 10,000 toys. coming up, the dark side of black friday. how criminals are using the busy day to take off with your stuff. plus indecency is famous for its bridges -- plus san francisco is famous for it's bridges, but tonight we have a story about a different bridge bringing thousands to the bay area.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
good evening, everyone. >> it's about to feel a whole lot like christmas. happening now, the party is just getting started in union square, leading up to the lighting of the huge christmas tree there. that's where ktvu's carra lu is there with the crowd. >> reporter: if you take a look at the crowd, it's flowing out into the sidewalks, into the streets. we're expecting as many as 25,000 people here in union square this evening. that would be double last

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